April 3, 2009 · Mac vmware fusion

Change VMware fusion network settings

After a long day restoring my mac from backups I finally started up my virtual machines only to find out my network settings are configured wrong , I use static ip’s on my vm’s so the easy way was to just get my old settings back , here’s how:

Stop all your vm’s , exit fusion and follow the process

  1. remove current settings :

cd /Library/Application\ Support/VMware\ Fusion/
sudo rm locations

  1. rebuild config ( script does not need your answers ) :

sudo ./vmware-config-net.pl
sudo ./boot.sh –restart

  1. change your ip in the locations file :

sudo vi locations
change this line ( for hostonly address )

  1. apply settings

sudo ./vmware-config-net.pl
sudo ./boot.sh –restart

  1. verify

ifconfig -a