June 25, 2014 · Cli Equalogic Storage

Sangroup member goes offline due to wrong DCB vlan id

We had a weird issue with a brand new sangroup we configured.
The san members saw each other, and once we applied a CDB vlan ( via Group Configuration -> Advanced ) we lost one of the san groups.
After fumbling around with the actual switch configurations and getting no where I used the

show grpparmas

command only to see that the san group members had the wrong dcb vlan:

SAN01> DCB: enabled Def-DCB-VLAN-Id: 1001
SAN02> DCB: enabled Def-DCB-VLAN-Id: 0

From there it was easy, since we could not configure the “offline” san unit, we ssh’d in and used the following command to set the correct vlan.

grpparams dcb def-vlan-id 1001

Once we did that, everything came back to life.