October 12, 2010 · Apache CentOS WebDAV

WebDAV server on CentOS - Provider encountered an error while streaming a multistatus PROPFIND response

I’ve encountered this error when trying to connect to web dav enabled folder.
I saw some web posts to add :

RewriteEngine Off

However that did not work for me, I finally traced it back to SElinux, I was using a custom folder and needed to change the permissions :

[user@server]>sudo stat -Z -c %C /var/webdav

Compared to /var/www

[user@server]>sudo stat -Z -c %C /var/www

A change of SElinux permissions and all was well :

[user@server]> chcon -R -u system_u -r object_r -t httpd_sys_content_t /var/webdav